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Tag that came with the figures
Box for the single pony figures, which came packed in quantity of 4

There was a large collection of figurines made during Generation 1, with figures depicting single or multiple ponies in scenes. It's unclear exactly how many pieces were made but about two dozen have been found so far. The US manufacturer for the figurines was called "Extra Special".[1]

The porcelain ponies are about half the size of an adult G1 pony. All figurines came with large identifying tags on strings. The multi-pony scenes were packaged one to a box, whereas the smaller single pony figurines were packaged in boxes that held four of the same figurine. The figurines were inconsistently marked with one or two stickers and/or a printed horseshoe mark and title of the piece on their undersides.

Some porcelain figurines were also produced in certain parts of Europe resulting to European variants and exclusives.[2]

Single Pony Figurines

Multi-Pony Scene Figurines

European Pony Figurines

Close-up of markings on European porcelain figure

Retro Figurines

These figurines were made well after Generation 1 and the general info about the above figurines does not apply. They were sold through the Hamilton Collection. They are not actually porcelain, but resin.

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