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Greek: Melenia
Spanish: Cupido
Portuguese (Brazil): Drops


Media Appearances

She was also in the Book The trolls and the Castle of Darkness, The Cross weather Witch, A shock at The Stable Show

Toy Variants

Common Peachy

Flat Feet Peachy

FF Peachy
G1 Peachy (Flat Foot)

Pony Stats

Concave Feet Peachy

G1 Peachy (Markings on two hooves)
G1 Peachy (Markings on four hooves)
G1 Peachy's Symbol (right side)
G1 Peachy's Symbol (left side)

Peachy is a G1 earth pony She came with the Pretty Parlour play set.

'Pony Stats


Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Pretty Parlor Peachy Story

G1 Pretty Parlor Peachy story

Peachy was adjusting her straw hat in the Pretty Parlor mirror when she saw it was five minutes before the hour. "It´s almost time!" she told her pet kitty Twinkles. As she hooked up her bridle and saddle, Peachy offered Twinkles a ride. "We don´t want to be late for today´s tea party!" Quickly, Twinkles jumped on Peachy´s back and they scurried out the door.

"Don´t forget the flowers," reminded a mysterious voice. "Who said that?" Twinkles wondered. Looking towards the parlor, they heard the voice again.

"I said it. Me, the magical mirror! I didn´t see you take the flowers, Peachy."

"Can mirrors really see things?" Peachy asked excitedly.

"Oh yes. Mirrors can see people as clearly as people can see mirrors. Hurry now, or you´ll be late." Peachy grabbed the bouquet of flowers as Twinkles waved good-bye to the magical mirror. Peachy could hardly wait to tell her friends at the tea party all about the talking mirror. Afterwards, Peachy invited everyone to freshen up in the Pretty Parlor and talk to the magical mirror!

UK Fact File Story

Peachy is the very friendliest of ponies who always has a smile for her friends, especially for her best friend Twinkles the cat. She is cheerful whether is rains or shines.

Argentinian Peachy

Argentinian Peachy Variant I

Argentinian Peachy with yellow body

Argentinian Peachy Variant II

Argentinian Peachy with white body

(aka Snuzzle)

Brazilian Peachy

Brazilian Peachy

Greek Peachy

Greek Peachy

Italian Peachy


Italian Peachy Variant I

G1 Italian Peachy (with 2 stamped hooves)

Italian Peachy Variant II

Italian Peachy (with 4 stamped hooves)

Italian Peachy Variant III

Italian Peachy with airbrushed eyes

Italian Peachy Variant IV

Italian brown Peachy

Italian Snuzzle Variant V

(first edition) white Italian Snuzzle

Macau Peachy

Macau Peachy Variant I

G1 Macau Peachy
G1 Macau Peachy

Macau Peachy Variant II

Jenny's hooves

Mexican Peachy

Mexican Peachy Variant I

Mexican Peachy Variant II

Mexican Peachy Variant III

(with replacement tail?)

Spanish Peachy

Spanish: Cupido

Spanish Peachy Variant I

No Country Peachy

Spanish Peachy Variant II

MOC Cupido

Spanish Peachy Variant III


Spanish Peachy Variant IV

Piggy Peachy symbol variations


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