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Mail Order Fact File
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The My Little Pony Fact File is a small ringbinder (approx. 5.5" x 7" x 1" deep) that was available via mail order, as part of the horseshoe points program, in the UK in 1987.

Inside, each of the more than 100 pages is devoted to a pony with a colour drawing and a paragraph or two about the pony's personality, often identical to the backcard stories on the UK toy packaging. It is not completely exhaustive, nor wholly accuarate but it is well organised by type of pony and the artwork is clear and attractive.

The final pages of the Fact File have line drawn template pages for most types of pony, allowing owners to design their own additions to Pony Land!

Cloud Puff

Flutter Ponies bring good luck,

in everything they do.

No matter what misfortune brings,

Cloud Puff will care for you.

Baby Applejack

Baby Applejack just loves to have her tail brushed and plaited and tied with a ribbon. Then she rushes out from the nursery and canters in the fields, kicking her legs up high in excitement.


Firefly loves to race across the sky. Moving gracefully from cloud to cloud, she dances on her graceful hooves and sails on the wind. She often chases the rain and searches among the clouds for the pony's special friend, the rainbow.


Flutter ponies will bring good luck,

And lots of good times too.

If you have a special wish,

Forget-me-not will make it come true!


Flutter ponies bring good luck. No matter what the reasons. Watch carefully throughout the year, for Honeysuckle to change the seasons!

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop loves to jump, prance, and race against the wind. One of her favourite jumps is the lily pond. Brandy her puppy friend cheers her on as she invents unusual obstacles for her friends to jump.


Flutter ponies briny good luck,

And fill the air with love.

When you lay your head to sleep,

Lily watches you from above!

Magic Star

Magic Star is as elegant as a princess and wears her flowing mane like a crown. She is the most magical pony in all ponyland. With a quick wave of her magic wand, she can grant any wish. Magic Star also has a very special power that tells her when another pony needs help. No matter where she is Magic Star will be there in a flash to lend a hand.


Majesty is a unicorn and one of the most magical ponies. She can makes wishes come true when she twirls her magic horn. She lives in the Dream Castle with her pet dragon Spike, and lowers the drawbridge when friends drop round for tea.

Morning Glory

Flutter ponies bring good luck,

In a very special way.

When rainclouds gather overhead,

Morning Glory will brighten the day!

Peach Blossom

Flutter ponies bring good luck,

Any time of day or night.

If scary dreams awaken you,

Peach Blossom will chase away your fright!


Peachy is the very friendliest of ponies who always has a smile for her friends, especially for her best friend Twinkles the cat. She is cheerful whether is rains or shines.

Princess Pearl

Princess Pearl is rather a sensitive pony and her feelings can be easily hurt. The Baby Ponies love her best of all because she understands them and is always ready to comfort them if they are upset. A dragon called Fiery is Princess Pearl's attendant. Fiery is a forceful character but he is always very careful to protect his Princess.


Flutter ponies bring good luck,

They like to sing and play.

If there's a worry on your mind,

Rosedust will send your cares away!


Sprinkles enjoys taking long, luxurious bubble baths under the waterfall with Duck Soup, her best friend. She loves flying over the rainbow in search of adventure as well as playing in the water. Sprinkles often shows off her diving to the others when they are bathing in the pond.


Tornado is very impatient and he just can't wait for things to happen. The trouble is, because he can't wait for the other ponies to finish talking to him, he finishes off what they are saying.

Tropical Breeze

Flutter Ponies bring good luck,

no matter what life brings,

and when you need a helping hand,

Tropical Breeze flutters her wings.

Wind Drifter

Flutter Ponies bring good luck,

with love which never ends,

and everytime you need her help,

Wind Drifter helps her friends.


Flutter Ponies bring good luck,

on every single day,

and when you play with pony friends,

Wing Song will watch you play.

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