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The Spanish piggy ponies were the original G1 ponies made in Spain. They have the "piggy" pose, which a pose that simulates that of a dressage horse in the Spanish walk with its left front leg raised. They also have blinking eyes like the Beddy-Bye-Eyes ponies.

Piggy ponies were made by two different manufacturers in Spain, Milton Bradley (MB) and Brekar, under Hasbro licensing. None of the ponies had any hoof markings. Peachy was released separately with the Milton Bradley grooming parlor.

For a long time, the collection community did not realize the piggy ponies were Hasbro ponies. They were considered "fakies" until a piggy pony was presented mint on card.

Brekar and Milton Bradley each had their own versions of the G1 ponies. Some related to the usual ponies such as Blossom and Butterscotch, but others were completely new creations, such as Rayito and Algodoncete.

In addition, Brekar and MB each manufactured several runs of the ponies, and some of those runs had varying symbols. As a result, there are quite a few variants per type of piggy pony.

The vinyl on the piggy ponies is fairly squishy compared to collector pose ponies; the hair is softer and finer. The mane and tails are quite long, resembling the Spanish Andalusian horse.

Piggy ponies also had their own outfits. See Spanish Piggy Pony Outfits.

Brekar Piggy Ponies

Brekar Backcard for Piggy Ponies

The Brekar backcard for piggy ponies shows these ponies:

Milton Bradley Piggy Ponies

MB Backcard for Piggy Ponies

The MB backcard for piggy ponies shows these ponies:

Piggy Pony Photos