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Butterscotch was one of the first six ponies that were released by Hasbro. She was released 3 times in two years, the first time being in 1982.

English: Butterscotch
Portuguese: Caramelo


Media Appearances

Toy Variants

Common Butterscotch

Flat Feet Butterscotch

G1 FF Butterscotch
G1 FF Butterscotch's Symbol

Pony Stats

Butterscotch was originally released in 1982 when she came as a Flat Foot Pony. All the (FF) ponies are smaller in size then the rest of the collectors pose ponies.

Concave Feet Butterscotch

G1 CF Butterscotch

Pony Stats

Mail Order Butterscotch

G1 MO Butterscotch

Pony Stats

Butterscotch was made as Flat Foot (FF) , Concave Foot (CF) and as Mail Order (MO).

In the UK, Butterscotch was released with a Gymkhana Playset which included various accessories similar to those released with the Show Stable, but in red instead of white.


FF Butterscotch came with a pink orginal comb and a pink ribbon.

CF Butterscotch also came with a pink orginal comb and a pink ribbon.

MO Butterscotch also came with a pink orginal comb and a pink ribbon

The difference between Concave Ponies and Mail Order ponies are hard to figure out. But when it comes to Butterscotch the difference is that the Mail Order has a paler yellow body and deeper golden brown hair.

Back Card Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

My Little Pony is a pretty pony with long, shiny hair. She likes you to comb her hair so it stays silky and soft. You can braid her tail and tie it in a ribbon too!

UK Backcard Story

For as long as anyone can remember Butterscotch has always won Ponyland's Annual Gymnkhana. She's fast and nimble, strong and exceptionally athletic - over the hedges and fallen tree trunks, round the toadstools and through the gate to finish.

US Mail Order insert Story

Butterscotch plays hide-and-seek with all the butterflies and honeybees.

Retro Butterscotch

Retro Butterscotch
25th Anniversary reissue of 1983 Butterscotch

G1 Butterscotch was reissued for My Little Pony's 25th Anniversary. She was packaged along with Blue Belle and Cotton Candy.

Argentinian Butterscotch

Argentinian Butterscotch Variant I

Argentinian Butterscotch

Argentinian Butterscotch Variant II

Large symbol, Three eyelashes

Argentinian Butterscotch Variant III

Argentinian Butterscotch

Brazilian Butterscotch

Brazil Butterscotch
Brazilian Butterscotch

Brazilian Os Fofinhos Butterscotch

Brazilian Os Fofinhos Butterscotch

Greek Butterscotch

Greek butterscotch

Indian Butterscotch

Indian Butterscotch Variant I

Indian Buttersotch
Indian Butterscotch's hooves

Indian Butterscotch Variant II

Indian Butterscotch (with lighter hair)

Italian Butterscotch

Italian Butterscotch Variant I

Italian butterscotch.jpg

Italian Butterscotch Variant II

Italian Butterscotch (with air brushed eyes)

Italian Applescotch Variant III

Italian Butterscotch; with neon yellow hair, orange body, and dark orange symbol

Italian Applescotch Variant IV

Italy Butterscotch in Applejack's colors

Italian Butterscotch Variant V

brown Italian Buttersotch (with airbrushed eyes)
brown Italian Buttersotch's hooves

Italian Butterscotch Variant VI

MIP brown Italian Butterscotch with stamped eyes

Italian Blossomscotch Variant VII

Italian Butterscotch in Blossom's color

Macau Butterscotch

Macau Butterscotch
Macau Butterscotch

aka Blosscotch

Mexican Butterscotch

Mexican Butterscotch Variant I


Mexican Butterscotch Variant II

Mexican Butterscotch Variant III

G1 Mexican Butterscotch
Mexican FF Butterscotch
Unmarked Auriken hooves

Spanish Butterscotch

Melocoton (Brekar)

Melocoton (Brekar Butterscotch)
Melocoton MOC

The Melocoton is a Spanish G1 piggy version of Butterscotch. It was made by Brekar.

Pony Stats

Butterscotch (MB)

Melocoton (Spanish Butterscotch)
Spanish Butterscotch with blue symbols MOC

The Spanish Butterscotch is a piggy pony by MB. It has two variants; one with orange butterflies and one with blue/green butterflies.

Pony Stats


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