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G1 Show Stable
G1 Show Stable Instructions Front
G1 Show Stable Instructions Back

The Show Stable was originally released in 1983. The building itself was used in later releases of the Stable, these include Home Sweet Home, Megan's Place, and the European Second Edition. The Show Stable was released with Lemon Drop and Brandy


Italian: La Stalla delle Stelle
French: Ecurie Merveilleuse
German: Pony Haus
Spanish (Mexico): Establo de Exhibicion
Spanish (Argentina):Establo (the box says Establo Residencia [Home Sweet Home])

US Show Stable

Media Appearances

UK Catalog pamphlet

French Show Stable - Mon Petit Poney Ecurie Merveilleuse (Marvelous Stable)

G1The Show Stable version from France.
G1 Ecurie Merveilleuse Front
G1 Ecurie Merveilleuse Inside

The version of the Show Stable from France. Mon Petit Poney. It came with:

Italian Show Stable - Mio Mini Pony - La Stalla delle Stelle

G1The Show Stable version from Italy.
G1 La Stalla delle Stelle Front
G1 La Stalla delle Stelle Inside

The version of the Show Stable from Italy. Mio Mini Pony. It came with:

  • 6 medium green fence pieces
  • 2 troughs
  • 2 shelves
  • White A style jump
  • Yellow weather vane
  • 2 white jump posts
  • Yellow jump pole
  • White bed with purple headboard
  • 4 white flags
  • 3 white prize ribbons

German Show Stable - Mein Kleines Pony - Pony Haus

Pink Pony Haus

G1Pony Haus
G1 Pony Haus Front
G1 Pony Haus Inside

White Pony Haus

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg
  • Purple / White (looks closer to original show stable)

Greek Show Stable - Statherós-Spítia (Stable House)

G1 Greek Show Stable

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