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H&M Necklaces

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  • H&M Sundance Pendant
  • H&M Peachy Pendant

Sterling Silver Pendant

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A pendant of a pegasus, unclear who. Possibly Heartthrob, Medley or Firefly. It was likely manufactured by a Swedish company named Bronsil AB that started using the letters SGP on their silver goods in 1975. It could also mean selectively gold plated. It's occasionally been found in Sweden.

  • Marked SGP 925 (c) Hasbro

Comics Spain Ponies (Figurine Necklaces)



Velcro Bracelets

These bracelets came with one charm on a velcrostrip and could be rearranged.

Pins, Badges and Brooches

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French Pins

G1 French Pins

Dutch Promotional Pins

Dutch promotional pins

Comb that would come with hair ties in matching color.

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