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G1 Seashore
MOC Seashore
Year 6 Baby Sea Ponies
MOC Seashore (French language packaging)
MOC Seashore (German language packaging)

Seashore is a G1 baby Sea Pony. She was released in Year Six (1987-1988). She is part of the Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies set.

The image shown is of the colour the ponies changes to in warm water. Some ponies over time do not change back to their original colour.

Pony Name
English: Seashore
German: Baby Perlchen

Pony Stats

  • Pose:
  • Body Colour: Aqua to yellow
  • Hair Colour: Blue to white
  • Eye Colour:Orange
  • Symbol:

Backcard Stories

Seashore's Backcard (German language)

One day, while practicing her backstroke before swimming class, a giant wave tossed Seashore and her fish float high into the sky! She came back down into the water with a loud WHOOOSH that spalshed her right in the face. Like magic, her body began to chance color. A little wave handed her a silver sea shell so she could see herself. Seashore couldn't wait for her classmates to see her new look!

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