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Recreational Play

Sand Pails

Basketball Set (Greek)

Inflatable Beach Ball (Italian)

Riding Toys


Sit'n Ride

Pretend Play

Doll Pram

  • Made in UK

Cash Register

Creative Play

Stick n'Lift

  • Stick n lift show stable comes in a dvd style case which opens up to a 3D model in which you can place items around the scene, features Moondancer, Applejack and Skydancer.

Stick n'Lift Presto Magix

  • Stick n'Lift by Presto Magix comes in a cardboard box 12" x 16", contained over 60 reusable vinyl pieces and would have come with an instruction sheet (not pictured). It features 2x Seashell (a lighter Large one and one darker Small one), Blossom (with a blue body), Cotton Candy (with light blue hair) and Twinkles the Cat. It also featured a Yellow flag, Blue flag, 6x trees, 2x rocks, clump of grass, 12x flowers, 3x mushrooms, Fish bowl, Small mirror, Duck, Fish, Canoe, 2x cattails, Frog, Mouse, Cheese, Weathervane, Potted plant, Hummingbird, Bucket, Cat bed, Wind-up mouse, Ball of yarn, Basket of cloth, Hat, Comb, Beauty product bottle, Saddle, Heart, Wishing well, 2x apples, Water lily and lastly, a 2nd place ribbon.

Stick n'Lift Presto Magix - Fluffy

  • Stick n'Lift by Presto Magix also came in a "fluffy" version. Copyright Hasbro Bradley 1985. It contained 17x Soft n' Fluffy Vinyl Pieces, a 9x12 Playboard and Instructions.

Stick n'Lift Scandinavia

Two types of Stick n'Lift were released in some Scandinavian countries, one featured the dream castle and the other Lullabye Nursery.

Lite Brite Refills


Super Make and Play Set

  • 3 wheels with earth ponies in different poses, 1 handle, 1 plain roller, playmat, and plasticine
  • 1984 Hasbro Industries (UK) Ltd

Toddler Toys

Shape Sorter

  • Made in Denmark
  • Produced by HP Plast, Licensed by Hasbro
  • Features Blossom on both sides

Board Games

Dream Castle Game

Milton Bradley Games: copyright 1985; Box/Board features Applejack, Posey, Bow Tie, Lickety-Split, Windy, Firefly, Baby Firefly, Bubbles, Sprinkles, Starshine, and Dream Castle


Pony Round Up

Merry Go Round

A Prize Winning Pony Game

Carousel Game

Carousel Game

Italian Carousel Game

Box (Front)
Box (Side)
Box (Side)

Spinning Game

Lotto Game (Swedish)

Card Games

Quartet Card Game

Quartet Card Game (Finnish)

Pony names are translated into Finnish.

Quartet Card Game (German)

Pony names are translated into German.

Quartet Card Game (Swedish)

Pony names are translated into Swedish

My Little Pony Card Game

Play Mats

UK Play Mat

  • Copyrighted 1985
  • 97 x 55 cm / 38.19 x 21.65 in

Play Mat made of waxy material. Features signs saying things like "Stable Yard", "To the Waterfall", "Blossom Patch" etc. Features the Logo on the top right corner. It also features a field, a river, an orchard and roads.

German Play Mat

  • Germany Exclusive, came from the "Pony-Mami-Club"
  • 40 x 68 cm
  • Made of thick paper material
  • Came with pictured letter

Letter translation

Dear pony friends
Surely you have been waiting for your pony playground for quite a while. We've gotten really sweaty here with all the lovely letters we've received in the last few weeks.
We hope that you have a lot of fun with your playground, because in such a beautiful landscape we ponies are best. many greetings
your Annabelle
PS: The new comic book "My Little Pony" is available with many new pony stories at every newspaper stand


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Toy Watches

  • These are non-functional toy watches

Redbox Toy TV

  • Toy TV with non-functional clock
  • Produced by a company called Redbox
  • Plays "It's a Small World" and scrolls a lenticular picture when the dial on the front is wound

See this toy in action.

Other Toys

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