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Recreational Play

Stick n'Lift

  • Stick n lift show stable comes in a dvd style case which opens up to a 3D model in which you can place items around the scene, features Moondancer, Applejack and Skydancer.

Board Games

Dream Castle Race

Pony Round Up

Pony Round Up

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round

A Prize Winning Pony Game

A Prize Winning Pony Race

French Carousel Game

Carousel Game

Quartet Card Game

Play Mat

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg
  • Copyrighted 1985
  • 97 x 55 cm / 38.19 x 21.65 in

Play Mat made of waxy material. Features signs sayng things like "Stable Yard", "To the Waterfall", "Blossom Patch" etc. Features the Logo on the top right corner. It also features a field, a river, an orchard and roads.


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