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Gypsy is a G1 unicorn pony.

Media Appearances

Gypsy looks into the past with her wheel of fortune in the G1 comics

Gypsy is a regular character in the G1 My Little Pony comics. She lives deep in the forest and tells "the day's fortune" every morning. Gypsy is able to foresee the future, look into the past, and perform other magical feats, sometimes with the help of her wheel of fortune. She is one of Majesty's most trusted subjects, as evidenced by Majesty's willingness to show Gypsy the secret Book of Horrors in the Secret Room when the red cloud being attacked. She is also good friends with Medley and practices duets with her.

Gypsy is sometimes drawn with up to six tambourines as her symbol, rather than three like her toy version has.

She was also in the book The Magic Nut Tree.

Toy Variants

G1 Gypsy
G1 Gypsy's Symbol
MOC Gypsy

Gypsy is a G1 unicorn pony, sold in certain European countries including the UK.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Gusty Pose
  • Body Colour: Orange
  • Hair Colour: Dark orange
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Three glittery tambourines
  • Availability: Europe only


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Gypsy entertains all the ponies with her dances — twirling around as she taps out the rythmn on her tambourine. As she runs past her ribbon leaves a colourful trail for all to see.


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