On Stage with Rainbow Dash and Toola-Roola

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The show must go on and RAINBOW DASH and TOOLA-ROOLA ponies are ready! Help these pony figures get on with the show! Set their dressing table with everything they'll need to get ready, like their brush, perfume bottle and hair dryer. A top hat and skirt will add just the right touches to each costume -- and don't forget the flower bouquet for good luck! Clip the microphone to one pony figure and the guitar to the other and these pony pals are ready to rock! A stand-up sign lets you know who the star of the show is, but with this fun playset, your imagination is sure to take center stage! RAINBOW DASH and TOOLA-ROOLA pony figures come with a dressing table, top hat, 2 skirts, flower bouquet, sign and lots of showtime accessories.

suggested retail: $10.99

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