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Ocean Kiss

Ocean Kiss was one of the dolls from the Seaside Wedding set. This set came with a bride mermaid (Love struck) and a groom merman (Ocean Kiss). The set came with a purple clam shell that contained a baby girl or boy mermaid, and a pink sea horse comb. Ocean Kiss May be the only Merman in the entire My Pretty Mermaid series. He's slightly taller than the girls, has a muscular build and bigger fin. His Groom's cummerbund is actually part of his tail. He has 1992 Playskool written on the inside of his fin, and nothing written on his back. Similar to a Ken doll, his hair is simply molded plastic rather than the brushable doll hair the mermaids sport.
Ocean Kiss (with original accessories
Ocean Kiss Symbol
Box (front)
Box (back)

Mermaid Stats

  • Tail Colour: Tuxedo Blue with Sparkly Tuxedo Blue Fin and Pink Cummerbund
  • Top Colour: None - He is bare chested
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Two Kissing Sea Horses with their tails intertwined

Back Card Story

If you find the end of a beautiful rainbow, you'll find a magical place... the enchanted home beneath the sea where My Pretty Mermaids live.

One day, there was a romantic wedding set in a big, sparkeling seashell under the waves. The rainbow carried the happy couple into the sky to celebrate this special day. When the bride and groom returned to the sea, their fins were decorated with pretty designs of their names... a special gift from the rainbow. The rainbow gave them another present to love and cherish always... a little merbaby tucked inside a lovely seashell! It is a little boy or girl baby? That's a wonderful secret of the sea that the rainbow wants to share with YOU!
Seaside Wedding Backcard Seaside Wedding Love Struck & Ocean Kiss
Seaside Wedding Backcard Seaside Wedding Love Struck & Ocean Kiss

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