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There were two My Pretty Mermaids playsets that were made.

Sea Bubbles Bathtub

The Sea Bubbles Bathtub came with huge purple almost seashell shaped tub with a aqua towel rack and a fake mirror attached to it, a pink (terry cloth) towel with a purple starfish on the bottom right corner, a little fish that if you filled it with water you could squirt it out its mouth, and it also changes colors in hot and cold water, it changes from pink to purple (or might be the other way around), a chunky yellow barrette with a strand of fake purple hair coming out of it, and a seahorse shaped comb.
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Sea Dreams Waterbed

The Sea Dreams Waterbed is made of a small molded purple plastic. It has a seablue headboard with fish and coral painted on the heart-shaped center piece, a flower pot, perfume bottle, and picture frame painted on the left, and a lamp and alarm clock on the right. The purple plastic mold has a few bubbles and seashells around the edges, with a molded purple sandcastle (radio perhaps?) on the upper left and non-functioning purple phone on the upper right, both just below the headboard. At the foot of the bed, a small sunken treasure chest with functioning flip-top yellow lid. The accessories for the bed were a small yellow plastic "water mattress" with glitter and sea animals floating in it, a pink blanket with a blue heart and matching pillow, a comb, and a merbear. The merbear is blueish grey with pink outfit, bow, and muzzle. The merbear has a shiny blue star on its fin.

The bottom of the base reads Item #1612 1991 Playskool INC.
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