Pink Seadrops

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Pink Seadrops

Pink Seadrops was one of the dolls from the My Pretty Mermaid Gem Bright Mermaid series. My Pretty Mermaid Gem Bright Mermaids had gemstones set in the middle of their bra tops instead of the traditional clam shell. They had tinsel in their hair, sparkly fins, and diamond gleams in their eyes. They came with hair bows, skirts, and glittery combs.
Pink Seadrop

Mermaid Stats

  • Tail Colour: Pink with Sparkling Blue Fin
  • Top Colour: Light Blue With Pink Gemstone
  • Hair Colour: Bright Pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Sparkeling Heart-Shaped Gemstone with Ribbon
    Pink Seadrops Symbol

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