Sea Splasher

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Sea Splasher

Sea Splasher was one of the dolls from the My Pretty Mermaid Rainbow Mermaid series. My Pretty Mermaid Rainbow Mermaids came with an extra long rainbow stripe in their hair and their tails were decorated with three rainbow stripes. They also came with a head dress or bowtie, a fluffy vest, and a comb decorated with a starfish and rainbow.
Sea Splasher as shown in the My Pretty Mermaids ad
Sea Splasher

Mermaid Stats

  • Tail Colour: Blue Purple and Dark Purple with Red Fin
  • Top Colour: Blue with Dark Purple Seashell
  • Hair Colour: Dark Purple with light Purple streaks
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Large Seashell In Between two smaller heart-shaped shells
    Sea Splasher Symbol

Media Appearances:

Sea Splasher is the only other doll from the series who's name is mentioned in the book "Wave Dancer is Missing", though in the book, her hair appears more pink than purple. She was team captain for Wave Dancer's team in the scavenger hunt organized by MerMadame. Sea Splasher is also the mermaid who's name symbol is revealed in the My Pretty Mermaids Rainbow Mermaids Commercial. She is also ne of the mermaids to be animiated in the My Pretty Mermaids Commercials.[1]
Sea Splasher as seen in the book Wave Dancer is Missing
Sea Splasher, Sea Pony-Mermaid, Princess Moon Dreamer, and Water Lily-Mermaid as animated in the My Pretty Mermaids comercial

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