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Sea Pony-Mermaid

Sea Pony the Mermaid was one of the dolls from the My Pretty Mermaids Rainbow Mermaid series. My Pretty Mermaid Rainbow Mermaids came with an extra long rainbow stripe in their hair and their tails were decorated with three rainbow stripes. They also came with a head dress or bowtie, a fluffy vest, and a comb decorated with a starfish and rainbow. Her name is the same as an entire race of G1 pony dolls, the Sea Ponies. Sea Pony is the second and last of the only two blonde mermaids, the first being Sun Blossom from the origional set of four..
Sea Pony-Mermaid as shown in the My Pretty Mermaids ad
Sea Pony

Mermaid Stats

  • Tail Colour: Blue, Light Pink, and Yellow with Yellow Fin
  • Top Colour: Blue with Light Pink Seashell
  • Hair Colour: Blonde with Light Green Streaks
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Sea Horse
    Sea Pony Symbol

Media Apperances

Sea Pony is one of the animated mermaids featured in the My Pretty Mermaids commercials. Both in the comercial for the Rainbow and Princess Mermaids, Sea Pony is the first mermaid to be shown, she is sitting on a rock at the beginning of the commercial and dives into the water as the end of the rainbow reaches her, we then follow her to an underwater cavern where the other mermaids are enjoying themselves. This is the same sequence in both commercials.[1]
Sea Pony-Mermaid as animated in the commercials
Sea Splasher, Sea Pony-Mermaid, Princess Moon Dreamer, and Water Lily-Mermaid as animated in the My Pretty Mermaids comercial

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