Diamond Dreams-Mermaid

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Diamond Dreams-Mermaid

Just as My Little Pony had a set of Princess Pony dolls, My Pretty Mermaids had a set of four Princess Mermaid' dolls, though the Princess title was not used in nameing the Mermaids, beyond the name of the doll set. Diamond Dreams was one of the dolls from the My Pretty Mermaids Princess Mermaid series. The My Pretty Mermaids Princess Mermaids came with glittery tails, longer hair, and a dress and head dress. Their combs were shaped like a seahorse. Princess Diamond Dreams shares her name with the Year Seven G1 pony Diamond Dreams.
Diamond Dreams-Mermaid as shown in the My Pretty Mermaids ad
Diamond Dreams

Mermaid Stats

  • Tail Colour: Pink with White Fin
  • Top Colour: Purple and Diamond-White Seashell
  • Hair Colour: Light Pink *
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Diamond Ring with a Ribbon
    Diamond Dreams Symbol

  • *Note: There are pictures of this mermaid that show her hair as a soft pink, however, the image on Mayanbutterfly shows her with either white or platinum blonde hair. Her cartoon version on the lunchbox had white hair.

Media Appearances

Diamond Dreams is one of the three mermaids be found on the Soft-side Lunchbox & Flask, and the only one that can be positively identified. She is joined by what appears to be Sun Blossom and fellow Princess Mermaid Moon Dancer-Mermaid.
Princess Diamond Dreams as seen on the Lunchbox

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