Baby Sunribbon

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G1 Baby Sunribbon
G1 Baby Sunribbon's Symbol
MOC Baby Sunribbon
MOC Baby Sunribbon (UK Packaging)

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Baby Ember Pose
  • Body Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Coral, yellow and blue
  • Eye Colour: Coral
  • Symbol: Rainbow over cloud surrounded by stars and spots


Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

Baby Sunribbon's backcard
Baby Sunribbon's Euro backcard

US Backcard Story The Rainbow Baby Ponies Make a Rainbow

One cloudy day, the Rainbow Babies were bored with their nursery toys. Gazing out the window, they saw the rainbow trying to break through the clouds. "Let's make a rainbow they shouted. They scampered outside with all their hair ribbons and began to tie them together to make long colorful stripes. When they were finished, it looked like a rainbow indeed-but it was on the grass, not in the sky where rainbows should be. The ponies touched the stripes with their noses...and the ribbons turned into a real rainbow and floated up in the air. "Now we have a double rainbow!" laughed the Rainbow Baby, as everyone came outside to admire the ponies' beautiful creation.

UK Backcard Story The Rainbow Baby Ponies live in a cosy little cave on Rainbow Mountain. They call it their Rainbow nursery! One day, Baby Sun Ribbon was filling her feeding bottle with water from the Rainbow fountain when she felt something tugging at her mane. She looked up and saw a sunbeam. “I’m sorry,” said the sunbeam. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just wanted some pretty hairs from your mane to wear at a party!” “I’ll make you something pretty to wear!” laughed the Rainbow Baby. She shook her mane…and the next second the sunbeam was wearing a beautiful ribbon! After the party, the sunbeam returned the ribbon. “It’s a magic ribbon now,” she whispered. “Your own magic Sun Ribbon!”

Media Appearances

Japanese Baby Sunribbon

Japan Baby Sunribbon keychain

Part of the Japan G1 Keychains set.

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