Bunny Hop

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Bunny Hop
G1 Bunny Hop's Symbol
G1 Bunny Hop's Pocket
G1 Bunny Hop's Bunny Charm
MOC Bunny Hop
MOC (packaged for UK) Hopping Pocket

Bunny Hop is one of the Precious Pocket Ponies. Her UK name is Hopping Pocket.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Bunny Hop Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Pink with Violet streak in mane
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: 3-D purple top hat pocket with yellow and blue painted magic wand with pink rabbit on string

Accessories In UK she came with an original comb and blue ribbon.

Backcard Stories

Bunny Hop's backcard

Precious Pockets Full of Fun

There are many pockets in the world, but none are quite as wonderful as the ones belonging to the Precious Pocket ponies. Their pockets are shaped like a top hat, piggy bank, fishbowl, and flower, and are full of surprises. Everyone in Ponyland was curious to see what the Precious Pocket ponies kept in their unusual pockets, so they asked to peep inside them. When the Precious Pocket ponies touched their pockets, amazing things began to happen. Bunnies hopped out of the top hat, coins poured from the piggy bank, fish leaped out of the fishbowl, and bumblebees buzzed from the flower. "They're pockets full of fun!" laughed the Precious Pocket ponies, winking at their delighted friends.

Media Appearances

Prototype Bunny Hop

Pamphlet showing the prototypes of the Precious Pocket ponies. From left to right: Bunny Hop, Sweet Pocket, Bubblefish, and Li'l Pocket.

Bunny Hop was originally going to be in the Quackers Pose.

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