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Ballerina Baby Ponies

Does your baby have a molded leotard and toe shoes?

She's a Baby Ballerina Pony!

Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies

Does your baby pony have a hole in her mouth and a hole under her tail?

She's a drink 'n wet baby pony!

Fancy Pants Baby Ponies

Does you pony have a white lightly patterned diaper instead of a regular symbol?

She's a fancy pants baby pony!

Beddy Bye Eyed Baby Ponies

Does your pony have creepy inset baby dolls eyes? In good condition the eyes close when the pony is laid down and she has eyelashes.

She is a BBE Baby pony!

First Tooth Baby Ponies

Does your baby pony have one white tooth sticking out of her mouth? In some cases the tooth isn't painted, these ponies are also included here.

Yes she has a tooth!

Glittery, shiny, pearly, and TAF baby ponies

Does your baby pony have a translucent sparkly body, a pearly body, shiny body or a symbol that spreads all across the side of her body??

She sure does!

More Regular!

My baby pony has no shiny, sparkly or glittery attributes. Her proportions are similar to the babies pictured below. (If she is slightly more chibi check out the newborn and teeny tiny baby pony sections).

She is more regular!

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