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G3 Doseydotes
G3 Doseydotes
G3 Doseydotes Symbol

Doseydotes was released in 2004 as a Target exclusive Easter Pony. She was also released in Europe as part of a bonus set.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Wysteria Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Yellow
  • Eye Colour: Two-tone purple with yellow heart symbol
  • Symbol: Yellow and pink butterfly
  • Hoof Heart: pink

Media Appearances

Year Two (2004)

Easter Doseydotes

Doseydotes MIB
  • Released Easter 2004


Backcard Stories

When the winter's snow has finally melted, DOSEYDOTES heads outdoors to look for the very first flowers of spring. Sometimes she will gather a few colourful blooms and put them in her hat for an extra special look!

Year Six (2008)

Wing Wishes Doseydotes

Wingwishes Doseydotes and Fluttershy
  • Wing Wishes bonus pack 2008 with Fluttershy. There are 2 versions of this release.


Version 1

  • Body: Is less pearly
  • Hoof Heart: The pink colour in her hoof heart is brighter and she has a magnet in her foot.
  • Symbol: The outlines of her symbol are much thicker and the pink colour in her symbol is brighter
  • Eyes: The highlight in her eye is of a paler pink colour and her eyelashes are further apart

Version 2

  • Hoof Heart: She has no hoof heart, no magnet, and the cover in her foot is white.

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