Frilly Frocks Boutique

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Frilly Brocks Boutique
Frilly Brocks Boutique
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The Frilly Frocks Boutique is a Generation 3 playset released in 2005. The included pony is also named Frilly Frocks. A later release in 2005 would see a change to the package to reflect the year's Butterfly Island theme and the addition of bonus ponies Breezie and Cherry Blossom II, as well as their respective accessories. Hoof magnet-activated playset features are a sewing machine that appears to sew (the fabric spins around) and two pop-open drawers inside the playset shell.

Boutique Story

When ponies need a really special outfit for a fancy occasion, they head for the Frilly Frocks Boutique. Frilly Frocks makes the most beautiful clothes, and she always has just the right accessories to complete the look. Ponies leave her shop feeling like a princess!

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