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Tiddly Wink
Mint in Box

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Zippy Zinnia Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Purple and light purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple with a light purple streak
  • Symbol: Pink flower with a green middle and green stem
  • Antennae Colour: Pink


Backcard Stories

Media Appearances

Tiddly Wink in "Princess Promenade".
Tiddly Wink in "The Runaway Rainbow".
Tiddly Wink puppet

Animated pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Light purple
  • Hair Colour: Purple and light pink
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Pink flower
  • Antennae Colour: Light Purple

Tiddly Wink starred in Princess Promenade, The Runaway Rainbow and A Very Pony Place.

A puppet of Tiddly Wink appeared alongside several other Breezies in My Little Pony Live: World's Biggest Tea Party.

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