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Junko Mizuno Collector Pony
Junko Mizuno Collector Pony
Junko Backcard

The Junko Mizuno Collector Pony was originally designed by the famed manga artist for the Pony Project. This toy was based on a 18" original that Junko decorated herself that was then auctioned off.

"Junko Mizuno is an international artist known for her comic inspired art and illustrations. She designed this pony for “The MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT: 25 Ponies for 25 Years,” a collection of 18-inch tall pony figures. The ponies were auctioned and proceeds went to charity. Designed by international artist Junko Mizuno, this gorgeous pink-haired pony features intricate body designs, platform “heels” and a “fur” accented bonnet. With her unique look and impressive origin, this pony is sure to occupy an important place in your collection. SUMMARY: Stunning collectible pony was designed by international artist, Junko Mizuno, and features detailed body designs, clear “heels” and a faux-fur trimmed bonnet." - hasbrotoyshop.com

suggested retail: $16.99

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Art Pony Pose
  • Body Colour: Light Purple
  • Hair Colour: Bubblegum Pink
  • Eye Colour: Solid Black
  • Symbol: A black bodysuit with stylized symbols of a woman's head on her right side and a horned octopus on her left
  • Hoof Heart: None
  • Accessories: A faux fur hood and clear plastic shoes

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