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Places to check out!




  • My Little Pony News A great blog on what's going on in the MLP world!
  • MLP Merch A blog focused on upcoming and released toys of the current generation!
  • Equestria Daily My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic news from around the internet compiled into one easy website.


The MLP Preservation Project is here to help with all your pony restoration needs! This is the result of years of planning, research, the collaboration of dozens of collectors, and My Little Pony love. All the best cleaning and fixing information for ponies, playsets, and accessories is here in one easy to find place!

This site lists the Dollyhair colors for G1 and G4 pony hair. Useful for restoration projects.

A place to buy hair for custom/restore pony projects. Buyer beware, concerns about the website owner's beliefs and customer service complaints abound.

All Generations








These websites are no longer up, but may be accessed via tools such as the Wayback machine. Please note it's highly likely that much of the information archived may be incorrect, but there is a lot of good information sadly lost to time in these sites.