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Unicornia, with Crystal Rainbow Castle at the very top as seen in The Runaway Rainbow.
Spike holding a map in "The Runaway Rainbow". "Each castle celebrates something different, one happiness (pans to yellow), friendship (pans to purple), one family (pans to blue), one kindness (pans to green), one music, one laughter and one celebrates rainbows." (Last three colors are uknown due to change of scene.)

Unicornia is the home of unicorns in the third generation of My Little Pony. The location features a relatively big village with houses separated by a river with bridges and a rainbow waterfall. On top of a large hill is Crystal Rainbow Castle located.


The following ponies live in Unicornia:

The Runaway Rainbow

The Run Away Rainbows story revolves mostly around Unicornia and how Rarity faces a challenge in getting back in time for the Princess Rainbow ceremony.

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