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2010 Comic Con Pony Official release

The 2010 Comic Con pony was officially released as a pink haired pony with graffiti all over her body. Prior to the fair a seller on Ebay from China was selling ponies with the same markings but with a teal mane and tail.

Street style meets pony chic in this collectible pink-haired pony figure! With graffiti-inspired designs along both sides of her body depicting hearts, stars, rainbows and the words “Pony Power”, this pony figure has “urban fabulousness” to spare. Bring home this hip pony figure and add a dash of edgy style to your collection. Adult collectible. -hasbro.com

Suggested retail: $14.99

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Art Pony Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Graffiti like symbols all over
  • Hoof Heart:


Backcard Stories


aqua hair

There was a version of this pony that was released with Aqua colored hair.

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