Breast Cancer Awareness Pony

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Breast Cancer Awareness Pony Silversnow's Image
closed mouth version
mint in box

In 2010, an auction on eBay popped up, containing 3 unknown G3 Ponies. The other 2 ponies turned out to be the 2010 comic con pony and the 2010 Fair pony. The third pony is a breast cancer awareness pony that was never properly released. She has been found in open- and closed-mouth variants, and was mostly taken loose straight from the factory.

At least 4 MIB closed-mouth ponies are known to exist in the collections of pony fans around the world. The box calls her "Ribbons & Hearts Pony".

July 2010:

From: My Little Pony News Blog

US MLP Fair recap threads are up at the MLPTP and the MLP Arena....And Anime-Amy says:

"I did ask about the Breast Cancer Awareness pony after the Q&A. I said that a few people on the arena had seen them sold by china sellers. The told me they had no plan to release them yet and not even sure if they were. They said that at some point they might possibly join together with a charity to sell them."

August 2015:

Another thread about the mysterious pony appeared on the Arena, prompting more discussion about what little is known.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Daffidazey Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Dark and Light Pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue with the Breast Cancer Awareness symbol in pink
  • Symbol: Breast cancer awareness ribbon with a pink heart
  • Hoof Heart:


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