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Furbobs first appeared in My Little Pony Series episode 2 of The End of Flutter Valley. They are fluffy misfits and cousins to the Bushwoolies. They live in Furbobia and never agree on anything unlike the Bushwoolies who agree on everything.

In The End of Flutter Valley, they first appear on a bridge when Surprise warns of creatures ahead. It’s not long before Stonebacks (creature they're fighting with) chase them down and destroy the bridge they’re standing on. The Furbobs explain they have been pushed from home to home by these Stonebacks then take the ponies back to Furbobia and heal Baby Cuddles who had a broken leg from the fall and Later in the episode when Megan sees a Furbob stick out it’s tongue at the Stonebacks she convinces the Furbobs, the Stonebacks just want to be friends and that it’s hard to communicate when you can’t talk.