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I love G1! I got a hand-me-down herd when (my mother says) I was three or four. Growing up my family hit thrift stores for treasures, and I would always grab any ponies I saw. When beanie babies got to be all the rage (whenever that was), I happened to mention ponies to someone I was doing beanie business with, and she was like, lots of people collect ponies! I was like no way! Since then I've faded in and out of the pony community and collecting.

At the very end of 2009 (before G4 had started) it struck me that, there is no MLP wiki! How is this possible?! There are so many great pony sites, but each are limited to their own self-designated scope and whatever info and images their single creator can gather. Not to mention many have not changed in the slightest since 1997 (at least in appearance).

My goal is (of course!), to have ALL the info about ALL things pony related in one place. And it must be highly organized, super-user friendly, plenitudinous cross referencing, and links links links! Not to mention no horrible icky ads >=P

If that sounds like a lofty goal Memory Alpha is my real world inspiration ;)

I would like to think this wiki is building a bridge between all us hard core old school collectors who were collecting before ponies were even a little bit cool and before G2 was even hinted at, and all the young folks who grew up on G2 and G3 of all things! Not to mention the G4 bronies... 0_0

Here are some of those awesome sites by the way: Community Portal

I can be contacted as absol on either or Or you can email me at absol AT

Thanks everybody for helping out!

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