G4.5 Poses

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Despite the previously dynamic poses, G4.5 sees a return to more static poses. Variations aside from pony type seem to just be one "standing" pose and one "walking" pose.

Brushable Ponies

Regular Scale

G4.5 Twilight Sparkle Pose

G4.5 Applejack Pose

G4.5 Fluttershy Pose

G4.5 Potion Nova Pose

Fashion Style

G4.5 Fashion Style Fluttershy Pose

G4.5 Fashion Style Pinkie Pie Pose

G4.5 Fashion Style Rainbow Dash Pose

G4.5 Fashion Style Rarity Pose

G4.5 Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle Pose

Molded Mane Ponies

G4.5 Princess Celestia Pose

G4.5 Twilight Sparkle Pose

G4.5 Rarity Pose

G4.5 Trixie Pose

Blind Bag Poses