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With G4.5, Hasbro kept the same characters that have been previously released, but updated the molds to be more show-accurate. This resulted in larger heads, skinnier legs, and a lack of eye-sculpting so any eye stamp may be used on any head. There were also a larger variety of poses from G4, with many more leg shapes and options. These ponies have two head versions for each species, barring Alicorns and stallions: closed and open-mouthed.

Brushable Scale (3"/7cm) Adults

Earth Pony

  • Static Earth Pony
  • Static Stallion
  • Pinkie Pie Pose
  • Applejack Pose
  • Trotting Pose


  • Static Unicorn
  • Static Stallion
  • Walking Unicorn
  • Lyra Pose
  • Rarity Pose
  • Tempest Shadow Pose


  • Static Pegasus
  • Static Stallion
  • Closed-Wing
  • Leaning Pose


  • Static Alicorn
  • Twilight Sparkle pose

Brushable Scale Alicorns

  • Tall Alicorn
  • Small Alicorn

Brushable Scale Merponies

All Merponies have unique molds for each character.

Brushable Scale Other Species

  • Hippogriff pose
  • Capper pose