Lullabye Nursery

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Lullabye Nursery
G1 Lullabye Nursery (with Pink/Blue accessories)

This playset was seen in the episode "Escape from Katrina" it is home for the baby ponies. It was first released internationally in 1984 with the pony Baby Tiddly Winks.

A second version was released a year later packaged with a Beddy Bye Eyed version of Baby Tiddly Winks.

Whichever version was purchased, there seems to be an equal chance of getting either the blue/pink accessories or the pink/blue accessories. For example, a blue bath with pink faucets or a pink bath with blue faucets.

Each version of the nursery came with the box, instructions, playset, stickers to place yourself, blue gingham bow, a pink swing with ropes and canopy, a white rocking cradle, a pink bottle of baby powder, a pink towel bar, a blue towel with a pink heart, a duck pull toy, a yellow rattle with white top and pink elastic, a pink plush teddy, a white with yellow bottle, a white with pink bottle, a baby diaper box with diaper, a lavender rocker, a pink with white BABY necklace, a lavender teddy bear brush and a blue tail ribbon.

However, the box may have contained either a pink dresser or blue dresser, a pink tub with blue faucets or a blue tub with pink faucets, a pink or blue mirror, a pink or blue bottle shelf, a pink or blue bowl and a pink with blue or a blue with pink crib mobile. In addition to the color variations the two wooden blocks were completely random and always different, and some releases had an extra baby diaper in the box.

Logically there would also be a difference in pamphlets as the year 4 release with BBE pony would have a different pamphlet than the year 3 NBBE, but no one seems to know exactly which pamphlet came with which playset and at this time no mint in package accessories are known to exist that would prove it.

The year 3 release with NBBE Baby Tiddly Winks came with a puffy sticker of Baby Tiddly Winks on a lavender baby rocker; the year 4 release came with a flat sticker like all other beddy-bye eyed ponies.

First Release

AND either


Tiddly Winks story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

Baby Tiddley-Winks and the Lullabye Nursery

Every morning at one minute before sunrise, the clouds magically separate to greet the ponies arriving at the Lullabye Nursery. Inside this enchanting house, delightful surprises await them.

Tiddley-Winks, the Baby Pony, lives in the Lullabye Nursery and prepares an afternoon tea party for all the ponies. After tea and crumpets, they play their favorite games.

One day while riding the lullabye swing high into the air, Tiddley-Winks wished she could swing high enough to touch the rainbow. "Hop on me, Tiddley-Winks, and I'll carry you to the rainbow," called a big, white, fluffy cloud as it floated down to the swing. Tiddley-Winks jumped on the cloud and rode it like a magic carpet all around ponyland.

"Look! There's the rainbow," she said with a spark of excitement. As she spoke, the rainbow dipped down and tied a pretty lace bib around her neck.

That night, when the ponies gathered to tell bedtime stories in the nursery, Tiddley-Winks told everyone of her adventure with the rainbow.

Europe/UK Release

Europe/UK Box
Europe/UK Box

As above, in either pink/blue or blue/pink, but with an alternate Pony Powder bottle, diaper boxes and stickers.

Second Release

Beddy Bye version of Baby Tiddly Winks

Came with BBE Baby Tiddly Winks and either of the accessories sets above.

Scandinavia Lullabye Nursery (Pony Club Exclusive)

Cardboard Lullabye Nursery

An exclusive Mail Order item to Scandinavian Pony Club members was a cardboard Lullabye Nursery playset with re-adhesive stickers, made by a company called Uniset.

Mexican Lullabye Nursery

Mexican Lullabye Nursery with box and instructions

Brazilian Lullabye Nursery

Brazil Baby Tiddley-Winks


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