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'''<font color=red>updating, plz wait. -absol </font>'''
'''<font color=red>updating, plz let me know if you run into anything weird -absol </font>'''
== Welcome to My Little Wiki ==
== Welcome to My Little Wiki ==

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updating, plz let me know if you run into anything weird -absol

Welcome to My Little Wiki


This Wiki has been created so that MLP collectors all over the world can pool their knowledge and create a useful tool to enjoy. Any and all additions are welcome, whether it's back card stories, photos or tutorials. Please join us and help create a comprehensive My Little Pony Wiki! As the My Little Pony collection continues to grow I hope this page grows with it!

Get around with navigation bar on the left, it includes but is not limited to:

  • the search box, just type in a pony's name and she'll pop up
  • Finding Ponies, everything we could think of to help you identify a pony
  • the my little pony lines divided up by generation: G1, G2, G3, G3.5, and G4
  • navigation links to things like community portal with links to other my little pony pages and page templates helps with coding and adding information to the wiki

There is still lots of construction going, this is a huge project and a pretty new site.

January 31th Update:

If you need help with the wiki or have any questions you can email absol at absol@mylittlewiki.org