Blinky and Ursa

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Blinky, Star Finder
Ursa Major, Blinky's companion

Blinky and Ursa Starfinders™


Blinky is a little star-child with big dreams! She loves adventure and her curiosity often gets her into trouble! Ursa is a huge, cuddly mother bear and Blink’s constant companion. Blinky shares her innermost dreams and secrets with wise, tender Ursa. 4½” Blinky features glow in the dark hair, clothing and star comb. Fully poseable doll comes with figure stand and crystal necklace. Ursa has glow in the dark features, too!


  • Silver moon headband
  • Pink dress
  • Silver thread stockings
  • Dark blue star shoes

UK Variant

There was a variant produced that featured Blinky with aqua hair in a similar hairstyle to fellow Moondreamer Whimzee. This variant of Blinky and Ursa is referred to by collectors as "Oopsie and Dippy". Apart from the hair, there appears to be no other differences. This variant appears to be a UK specific variant.

Blinky variant "Oopsie"