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This set combined two of the Playtime Baby Brother ponies and four of the Baby Fancy Pants ponies into a set of six ponies. This set seems to have been released around 1989 / 1990.

Set Name
English (UK): Playtime Baby ponies
German: Abenteuer-Ponys
French: Bébé filles et Bébé garçon
Dutch: Baby Speelpony
French (Belgium??): Bébé Rieur (this appears on packaging that also has Dutch)

Unlike the Baby Fancy Pants ponies sold in the US and Canada, which were made in Thailand, the baby ponies in this set were all made in China. Also, some of the Baby Fancy Pants ponies in the set had hair color variations.

They came in two versions, with either a long forelock or a short forelock. [1][2]

Playtime Baby Ponies

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