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Catrina (also spelled Catrina) the titular villain from Escape From Catrina TV special, is an anthromorophic cat-woman. Her sidekick is Rep, a shape-changing anthromorphic lizard-man who is infatuated with Catrina.

At the start of the special Catrina has enslaved the bushwoolies, forcing them to make the Witchweed Potion that gives her magical powers such as super-growth, the ability to shoot lightning from her eyes, and the ability to control snow and wind. After the bushwoolies escape, she decides to enslave the little ponies. She order Rep to steal the Rainbow of Light and then kidnaps Baby Moondancer, threatening to drown her in a vat of Witchweed Potion unless the other ponies become her slaves. However, when Rep turns against her and knocks her into her own vat, she agrees to become good again in exchange for her life. Catrina destroys her witchweed machine and keeps her side of the bargain.

The last we see of her is at a costume party thrown by the little ponies, accompanied by Rep.