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Seaspray Symbol

Seastar was released in 2005 as part of the Dazzle Bright Pony set. There are 2 versions of this release, 1 with a hoof magnet and 1 without.

Pony Stats




Version 1

Version 2

Backcard Stories

Today is an extra special day! The sun is brighter, the sky is bluer and it feels like magic is in the air! The ponies have found lots of exciting new places in ponyville, and they're about to discover the most magical place of all......Butterfly Island Adventure. Come join them on their exciting adventure!

All Aboard! Seaspray is taking her friends on another exciting boat ride! Today they're sailing all the way out to sea, to explore and mysterious and beautiful island!

Media Appearances

Seaspray in "Postively Pink".
Seaspray in Twinkle Wish Adventure.

Animated pony Stats

Seaspray starred in Dancing in the Clouds, A Very Pony Place and cameo in Twinkle Wish Adventure.

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