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Beauty City Playset

Beauty City is a large playset that came without any figures.[1] This playset appears in multiple catalogs & advertisements with slightly different names: Pet Carrier & Spa, Deluxe Pet Carrier Playset, Beauty City Playset/Carrier, and simply as Beauty City on the international packaging.

Worth 4 Paw Points.

U.S.: Beauty City or Pet Carrier & Spa(Catalog Name)
English: Beauty City
French: Maison Fantaisie
German: Schönheitspavillon
Spanish: Salon De Belleza

Toy Variants

U.S. Beauty City

Beauty City Playset MIP
Beauty City Playset MIP Back
Beauty City Playset MIP Side


Large Accessories

Small Accessories

International Beauty City

Beauty City Playset International MIP
Beauty City Playset International MIP Back
Beauty City Playset International MIP Side

Media Appearances

Beauty City aka Pet Carrier & Spa appeared in the 1990 Mattel Catalog (pages 94, 95).[2] The catalog photos show a yellow slide and a set of purple doors on the side of the folded up carrier but these features do not appear to have been included in the retail version. The Mail Order Pamphlet calls this set Deluxe Pet Carrier Playset.[3] The Mattel Girls Toys 1990 Repro Art Book calls this set Beauty City Playset/Carrier[4].

Item number: 3454

Mattel 1990 Catalog Blurb

Little Pretty Pet Carrier & Spa*

NEW! For pampered play that packs away! This very special beauty salon is where little girls bring their puppies and kitties to make them beautiful! IT's a whole world of loving care fun! Set features a real, working shower; several play perches, a swing/cradle, and play pieces including a hair dryer; heat set, phone, and lots of fun food and hair styling accessories! When play is done, beauty salon folds up with everything stored inside and set becomes a pet carrier that can go anywhere! Pets not included. For ages 3 years and over. Unassembled. Closed box.

Product and name may vary from that shown.

Mail Order Pamphlet Blurb

Deluxe Pet Carrier Playset

Available Fall 1990.

Open up the Deluxe Pet Carrier Playset to have lots of fun with your kitties and puppies! There's a swinging cradle, slide, and even a shower that really works! Milk dishes, tiaras, and lots of adorable accessories are also included. Put all your Little Pretty kitties and puppies inside and carry them with you wherever you go!

Deluxe Pet Carrier Playset 3454

Assembly Required.

Kitties and puppies not included.


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