Mattel 1990 Girls Toys Catalog (Greek)

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Mattel 1990 Girls Toys Catalog (Greek) Cover
Mattel 1990 Girls Toys Catalog (Greek) Back

This catalog is the Greek version of Mattel's 1990 Girls Toys Toy Fair Catalog and has a few very interesting features.

First of all, this catalog is much smaller in size (roughly 4.7 x 7 inches) and has fewer pages (56 if you count the back page) than the regular version. Secondly, there is only one image of a little pretty figure in the entire catalog - Catra on the cover. Unlike the regular catalogs this one features no table of contents and does not have a typical back cover. The cover of this little catalog looks to be using the same image that the regular catalog features on its own back cover.

It is uncertain if this catalog was actually given out at any Toy Fair event, international or not. It may have simply been given to toy stores directly.