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Mesibat Gan was an Israeli talk show for kids in the late 80s and the early 90s. Mesibat Gan's (מסיבת גן - Garden Party) episode "Inside the TV" aired in 1989 and featured animation and backgrounds from My Little Pony n' Friends. The character of Julian becomes stuck inside the TV alooks for a way out and back to the garden party, all while interacting with other TV shows. On his way, he finds his way to the world of My Little Pony n' Friends and asks the ponies for guidance. At the end of the episode, the host and the hosted children also enter the TV to meet Julian.

In the TV segments, green screens were used, and the character was overlayed on top of the episode Flight to Cloud Castle, replacing Garth the Gnome. The episode features new voice lines from Heart Throb, Locket, and So Soft Twilight

You can watch the episode on Youtube

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  • Information and video link provided by Shahar Alper.