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My Little Wiki is first organized chronologically. It is then organized in every other way imaginable. After ponies are arranged by release date, they are organized by color, pose, release set, pony race, age, and whatever else anyone body can think of. The major links can be found on the 'don't know her name?' section in the navigation bar.

Pony Pages

Not only are the main pony navigation pages arranged by year ie G1 Ponies, G2 Ponies, etc. But also the ponies pages themselves. For the pages of individual G1 ponies this is not so much an issue (partly because dates that far back are a little fuzzy). Rather G1 ponies are arranged first by the most common release (ie worldwide, US, etc), then any subsequent release (ie So Soft), then country specific and mail order variants in alphabetical order.

Gusty is a good example page. She has some basic run down info to start, pony stats, lovely portrait and symbol shot; a blurb on her role in pony TV shows (which could be expanded) and then on when her other releases and variants. Each release will have/has pony stats, gallery of accessories (that links back to the accessory pages), cute portraits, MIB photos, pamphlets scans, backcard scans, and backcard stories. The whole page finishing up with relevant links, such as her baby pony and other ponies released in her same set. Also a link to a gallery page, which ie Gusty Gallery, which is a page set aside for images, merchandise, McDonald toys, etc. (When these pages get big enough they will probably break into an image gallery page and a merchandise gallery page. Concluded by the categories she belongs to. These are important because adding the category links to her page adds a link to her to that category page. For instance, you can browse the Category: G1 Unicorn Ponies page and find not only Gusty, but all the G1 unicorns (who have the correct category links on their pages), in case you were curious.

G2 ponies and forward often have heavy re-releases, so the first information is the general information about the pony and then the pages go on to deal specifically with each release in chronological order. Pretty much the same as G1 ponies, but heavier on the chronological order (only because we have been keeping better records).

Accessory Pages

Big gallery pages of all pony accessories are carefully being organized. To help you identify that one shoe, or bow, or plastic dishware. There is a main navigation page for each generation with links you pages of all the Hats (G1) or G2 Hats. (Unless some accessory is generation specific no GX prefix implies G1.)

Happy collecting!

As many websites (and collectors) as possible have been used as references for this website, most all the pages listed on the Community Portal in fact. But there were some cases where no two sites agreed on the same point of pony fact... my default for now is to go with Summer Hayes' books... but we'll see.