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G1 Chatterbox
G1 Chatterbox's Symbol
G1 Chatterbox MOC
MIB Chatterbox (Spanish packaging)

The Sweet Talkin' Ponies were un-named in North America, but the pink pony was known as Chatterbox in selected European countries and Australia/New Zealand. Spanish and German speaking versions were also made.

UK: Chatterbox
Spanish: Mimoso

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Bubblefish Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Pink and purple
  • Eye Colour: Aqua
  • Symbol: Two pink ponies with blue hair inside heart "talking" to each other (with speech bubble filled with hearts)


Backcard Stories


A Picnic with Friends

My Little Ponies love to have parties, dance on the rainbow and swing on sunbeams. But what they love to do most of all is spend the day with children who love My Little Ponies. One day, the Sweet Talkin' Ponies went on a picnic with two girls. The happy friends chatted and laughed and ate tasty snacks. Soon, they were busy with their favorite pastime - creating pretty styles with each other's hair. As the sun began to set, the ponies and girls hugged each other goodbye and promised to meet next week for another fun picnic.

Media Appearances

German Chatterbox

German Chatterbox

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