Prince StrongHeart

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English: Prince StrongHeart
French: Prince Decœur
German: Prinz Herzeloh
Dutch: Prins Dapperhart
Italian: Principe Cuorforte

Media Appearances



Prince StrongHeart was released in 1986 as a part of the first wave. He is the toyline's only male character.

Prince StrongHeart

Doll Stats

  • Body Colour: a little tanned
  • Hair Colour: brown
  • Eye Colour: brown
  • Lip Colour: peach


Prince StrongHeart came with a cream coloured, shimmery shirt, blue satin trousers, a golden belt with a glittery silver and orange center square, cape with glittery pixietail holders as epaulets and a separate hood, two or three mice pixietails and a blue pixietail comb. He also came with a map accessory in some packages.

Backcard Stories

US Backcard Story

Prince StrongHeart's backcard


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