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Rainbow Swirl I
Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl was first released as part of the Sparkle Pony set in 2004. She was released 3 other times, in 3 poses total. The last time she was released in 2007, she was released in a unique to her pose with pose-able back legs!

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Backcard Stories

RAINBOW SWIRL can never decide about anything. Sometimes this is a wonderful thing, she invented rainbow sherbet because she couldn't decide what flavour to order! But if she can't decide on an outfit soon, she'll be late for the Friendship Ball!

Year Two (2004)

Sparkle Pony Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl
Rainbow Swirl MIB

Rainbow Swirl I

Dance Studio bonus Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl I

Year Three (2005)

4-Pack with Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Finger Paints, and Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl II

Ponies released in this set are:

Year Five (2007)

Ice Cream Dream Supreme with Rainbow Swirl


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Ponies released in this set are:

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