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Snoozer backcard artwork

The Snoozers™

Stardust™ 4462/4375

Stumbles™ 4463/4375

Dozer™ 4461/4375

Three loveable friends help little dreamers back to sleep. Dozer quiets the night with his earmuffs, Stardust sprinkles sleepdust in the eyes of wide-awake children, and stumbles silences any “bumps” in the night. Fuzzy 4½” articulated pals have glow in the dark features and accessories.

Snoozers came with flocked "pajamas" like a So Soft My Little Pony.


Stardust, a Snoozer


Dozer, a Snoozer


Stumbles, a Snoozer

Plush Stumbles

Plush Stumbles

A plush version of Stumbles was also made.