So Many Ways to Play

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This animated episode is 10 minutes long.


Pinkie Pie recalls for us when she first met Scootaloo. It started with a tea party herself Newborn Pinkie Pie, was holding for herself and her teddies. Cheerilee rings the door bell and is let in by Pinkie Pie’s mom. By Cheerilee’s side is her little sister Scootaloo. They go to continue the tea party but as soon as Pinkie Pie says the word party, Scootaloo dives around the room chanting party! Cheerilee and Pinkie Pie change what they’re doing to looking through a picture book. Scootaloo gets bored and turns the lights on and off. Scootaloo continues to bounce around the room till she ends up sitting in the sink. They ask her if she wants to join them but Scootaloo sticks her nose up at the offers. Then they ask her what she wants to do. They eventually end up outside to have the tea party.




Pinkie Pie, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie’s Mom

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