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So Soft Newborn Cheerilee


"She's the sweetest pony ever -- a special newborn pony who needs your extra-tender love and care. Rock her in your arms and give her lots of hugs -- and her pacifier! She sings and says lots of fun sayings like, "CHEERILEE tired!", "I'm sleepy." and "I love you, mommy!" You can even pretend to change her diaper!Pony figure comes with pacifier.Includes 2 "AAA" batteries."

suggested retail: $14.99


Cheer Me Up Cheerilee

Cheer Me Up Cheerilee
MIB Cheer Me Up Cheerilee

Hasbro's online product description:

"This baby pony figure isn’t feeling well and she needs you to make her “feel better”! Cuddle up close with your soft and plush CHEERILEE figure and use your stethoscope accessory to “listen” to her chest. Use your thermometer accessory to take her “temperature” — and it will give you a smile or a frown to tell you if she’s “sick” or not! Then, make sure she gets all better by giving her a “dose” from her medicine spoon accessory. How can you be positive she’s “getting better”? Press her heart and she’ll tell you by saying phrases like, “Achoo! Is it time for my medicine?” and “Thank you for taking care of me.” But don’t forget the best medicine of all — lots of hugs and love! Pony figure comes with stethoscope, thermometer and medicine spoon accessories. Includes 2 “AA” batteries. Ages 3 and up."

Hasbro's suggested retail: $22.99

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