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"When your cute and cuddly STARSONG pony has had a long day of fun, she needs you to get her ready for bed! Squeeze her foot and as her tummy lights up and twinkles, she’ll sing sweet things like, “I love you mommy!”, “I’m tired!” and “STARSONG sleepy.” “Feed” her with her bowl and spoon accessories and then get her wrapped up nice and cozy in her blanket—when you lay her down her eyes will close as she “drifts off” into dreamland! Soft and adorable STARSONG pony doll sings adorable phrases as her tummy lights up, then closes her eyes as you lay her down to “sleep”! Includes pony figure and bottle, pacifier, blanket, bowl and spoon accessories and instructions.

Hasbro's suggested retail :$34.99

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