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ABrownCrayon, aka ABC, is a US collector who has been involved in the online pony community for more than a decade. She started collecting ponies Christmas 1987 at age 2 when she unwrapped a Baby Crumpet (renamed "Teacup"), and So Soft Bangles. By the time she was a teen she had over 50 ponies in her collection, many of which were yard sale and thrift finds. At age 19, ABC's mom Cheryl found her a lot on ebay and surprised her with it for Christmas. Even though she felt too old for ponies, ABC spent the next two hours assembling the puzzle and examining each pony, most of which she'd never seen before. Among them was Seashell, and this odd but adorable pose prompted her to do a little internet research. After a trip to Dream Valley ( really opened her eyes to how many ponies had been made, she then went onto ebay and the rest is history! Currently ABC has close to 3,000 ponies in her collection spanning all 4.5 generations and 13 countries, with less than two dozen to go to complete the US G1 series.

ABC has college degrees in History, English and Creative Writing, and sometimes publishes articles online under her married name. She is also working on a teen fiction novel and occasionally dabbles in various arts and crafts, including customizing ponies. She is currently a stay at home mom living in the midwest with her husband, 2 year old daughter and a house full of pets.